Shine in Barcelona

Idag är sista dagen för inlämning av bidrag till tävlingen ”Shine in Barcelona”. En online tävling för nordiska entreprenörer som skulle vilja starta företag i Barcelona! Tävlingen sponsras av Barcelona Stad. Läs mer här nedan från deras egen information:

The ”Shine in Barcelona” Entrepreneurial Contest for Nordic business ideas is part of DO IT IN BARCELONA, the city’s global talent and entrepreneurship attraction programme.

DO IT IN BARCELONA is aimed at attracting entrepreneurial, creative and innovative human capital as well as added-value activity to Barcelona. As an entry hub for the professionals and skilled, DO IT IN BARCELONA features a landing services portfolio and distributes the incoming talent with a global mentality to specific existing services.

Explain your business idea to start or expand from Barcelona in a video, upload it, tell your people to vote and win! The competition will feature several outreach activities in Sweden. The hub for the competition is the ”Shine in Barcelona” website where the participants upload their video-pitch.

• To participate, go to ”Video gallery” > Click ”Upload your video” or click here

To rate a friend’s video, go to Video Gallery > Click the video > Click the stars below the video (the more to the right, the higher you rate)

What can you win?

A head start-start into Barcelona’s global business which will make you ready to set up your company in Barcelona!

• Travel to Barcelona to receive a guided and tailor-made visit to Barcelona Activa’s business incubator and premises and a business meeting agenda with representatives of trade sector clusters, professional associations and others depending on the winner’s interests and business idea (arranged by Barcelona Activa).

• Access to bizbarcelona including the opportunity to pitch to international VCs, entrepreneurs and international associations at international networking get-togethers. Over the past nine years, the bizbarcelona events have attracted entrepreneurship and innovation from Barcelona and the world. In 2010, more than 12.000 participants from 68 countries took part and, all in all, more than 20.000 business and investment contacts were established.

• Air ticket to Barcelona and hotel accomodation (14/15/16 June 2011) for one person.



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